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    Hello everyone,

    This is really bittersweet tbh. I just let the Owners and Admins know that I'll be stepping down from the staff team. With my film being the only thing that keeps my relevancy here these days, I doubt many of you (if you even know who I am lol) have any questions regarding my resignation but I'll go ahead and explain it anyway.

    To be completely truthful, I have not been invested in being a staff member over the course of the last six or so months, with no desire to do the job as expected of me by the higher-ups and the players here. This is due to a lot of things, chief among them being a new job I got, a video editor at an advertising agency, that is consuming a lot of my time. It's good work and it is totally relevant for what I'd like to do with my career- all before I even graduate high school. This is huge for me because I feel like my career in the film industry is advancing and my focus needs to be there and with my education as well. I start college in the Fall and I figured if I wasn't invested about my staff position now, I definitely wouldn't then. With college obviously bringing a busy workload, I will also be retaining my position at the agency throughout college because I can do that job remotely from my dorm which is actually pretty awesome and a sweet deal to hopefully prevent becoming the stereotypical poor college kid.

    Next, I have lost interest in the server and gaming in general. I seriously can't remember the last time I opened a video game with the intents of actually playing it (getting on the server to moderate is the exception, because that's all I'd do). I would be wasting the owners' time and energy by being on their staff team if I'm not even interested in the job they expect me to do. If you truly care about doing something, then you will put in all of the effort necessary to succeed. As much as I'd like to say differently when speaking with the higher-ups, I am hard pressed to find time or motivation to be active on the server, forums, or Discord. I have not been putting any effort into being a good member of the staff team and everyone who knows what my activity patterns are would agree with that.

    The last reason kind of leads into this one. Because of my activity and passive approach to my second time around as a staff member, I lost touch with a lot of protocols and other things I won't get into because of the whole confidentiality thing. I won't let my pride and ego get in the way of me admitting that I really did not know what I was doing this time lol. I was first staff pre-Discord and I lost it when we went to Discord. Again, being vague only because I want to respect their wishes to maintain confidentiality, I did not adapt to the new protocols (Discord, rules, etc.) that were created during my tenure as staff because regrettably I'm one of those that like to stick to the old ways as opposed to doing new things. Am I saying the new things are bad? Hell no. What I'm saying is that I didn't have the energy or motivation to properly learn the new ways and the staff team was hurt by it.

    While none of these reasons are more significant than the other, the final nail in the coffin was that I became so out of touch with not only the workings of the staff team, but the community. I don't know the vast majority of the people on this network. I attribute part of that to name changes. To the people who decide to change their names once a month, you do you, just don't expect me to know who you are lmao, because that shit's confusing to me. Anyway, that doesn't change the fact that I simply don't know my community anymore. I see all these new players and staff popping up that I had never even heard of before, which is great for the server, but it makes me think that my usefulness to the server has expired, to put it bluntly, because if I was being useful to them, I'd know my community better than what I do.

    I have also decided to (try to) permanently leave the community, more specifically the forums, server, and Discord. Not that I have anything against it, it's just I have spent so many hours aimlessly wondering around (especially on the forums) essentially wasting time that I could use to be more productive. Absolutely no offense to anyone who is financially or otherwise invested in the network, I have just been on here when I need to be doing more important things related to work and school. It's never been a real problem, but I'd like to prevent it from becoming a problem. With that said, those of you who I am close with I have on social media. If this is not the case with you and you feel you have the kind of relationship with me that warrants staying in touch outside this community, please feel free to DM me your info because I'd love to stay in touch with you guys.

    In light of that, some of you know that I am the owner of a spawn plot in Creative. It is the goofy-looking plot with the front half as a skyscraper and the back half a mansion. I will not be holding onto that because 1) I do not want a random reason to get drawn into the server again and 2) I do not want the spawn plot wasted in my absence. So, I am giving it away. If you want it, you have to respond to this thread with simply as many reasons as you see fit for why you should be the one to recieve the plot. I may be biased in my choice, I may not be, it depends on who wants it. The winner will be DM'd.

    After the plot deal is taken care of, I will request the termination of my account and the deletion of posts on this website (hopefully they'll accomodate lol) simply because it was brought to my attention about a month ago that some searches in relation to my film have returned results to my posts on here- most of which are immature and none of which are flattering for me or something I want potential employers digging up.

    Since some of you have been asking where to watch my film, keep an eye on the film's social media pages (linked below) because we should be digitally releasing very very soon. I would like it to coincide with a TV appearance I'm doing with the main cast on April 19 but alas, the stars don't always align perfectly. The timing of the release is mostly out of my hands too, it's all up to the distribution company. I trust their judgement on the timing, so I'm not going to rush them too much. It'll be here and you'll be able to hopefully enjoy it soon. If my account is still active when it is released, I'll make a quick thread, otherwise you'll have to rely on the film social media or just hear it from someone else here.

    I have nothing bad to say about this place. Those who know me and my history here know the ups and downs I've experienced here along with a lot of personal growth that I don't usually care to admit. In reflection, I do not regret anything about my time here (except some 2015/16 shenanigans and maybe running around the spawn for hours when I had a pile of work waiting for me). I love you guys and hopefully I've had a positive impact on you in some way while I've been here as you all have had on me. To all those I've annoyed, wronged, bully, or have just been an ass to at all in the last six or so years, I'm sorry and I hope you don't still hate me for it. If you do, I hope that won't be the case for much longer. I don't consider myself to have any beef (anymore) with anyone here and I am at peace with my relationships with anyone here. It was never my intention to leave here with bad feelings or relationships with anyone and I have succeeded there. I really do urge you guys to keep in touch with me and whatever the hell it is I end up doing in the future because I want to keep up with a lot of you too, since you're pretty cool. My social media is down below.

    If you have any memories, screenshots, pictures, etc. of us that you'd care to share, I'd love to see it and save it.

    In closing, I want everyone to know that no matter what it is you decide to do with your life, you will do it if you put in the right amount of effort and have the right attitude. I can only hope I'm on a good path as far as my career goes, but time will tell. I guess we'll know for sure if you guys see my name listed in the credits of some films in fifteen-ish years. Like I said before, don't be a stranger. Please don't be afraid to stay in touch and talk to me every once in awhile, because it will be great to hear from you.

    Props to @ItsJerry and @ItsHarry and everyone else who has worked here over the years on keeping up a solid server.

    Wishing the absolute best to all of you,

    Personal pages:
    Instagram - PM me
    Twitter - PM me
    Snapchat - PM me
    also on Facebook but who uses that lol
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    I remember when we were staff together man. Those were the days. For sure we gotta remain in contact like we have been these past few years! You were one of the best.
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    thank you for your time, sir.

    excited to see your film
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    I get it. I'm not really surprised. But you're still a jerkface. <3
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    Miss ya, cya on the other face ;)
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    Love you brother. Hit me up any time. I look forward to following your successful career. So be sure, if you fuck up along the way, I'll know.
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    Farewell then. You sure did impact this place in a positive way. Good luck out there.
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