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Is this a terrible idea? (My suggestion)

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  4. Can you explain Lilycraft?

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    Hi, my ideas are unoriginal, but i'm going to post this anyways. How about, you add a game called Shiner. This game is where a few people are dropped off into this mine. They have to solve relatively easy puzzles to get to the next level. Each time you unlock a new level, you are given more materials. Eventually, you have enough that you are able to craft full golden gear and tools. The first person to craft these items is the winner. Maybe even make it that there are several more levels where you create different things or like an optional extra two things to craft during the golden round. I don't know that's just my idea.

    By the way, I was going to think of two more games called PuzzleHop and Lilycraft, but they wouldn't work. PuzzleHop doesn't work because it's too similar to Shiner. Lilycraft doesn't work because it's too similar to FarmKing. So yeah, thought I might mention that. Oh by the way, if you want me to actually describe these suggestions, just ask here or anywhere that i'll see and I might explain it.
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