My concerns about this season.

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    I think Guards I should be nerfed or something. (Before i state why, this is my opinion on it so if you want to disagree please do so). Guards I is supposed to be a "chance" to spawn iron golem. Whenever I do decide to go pvp, the moment you first strike swords, the golem always spawns in. There is no, no chance of it spawning in. It just spawns like its guaranteed to spawn in when you are being hit.

    The worst part for me is when getting like 2v1ed or 3v1ed since they spawn in everytime, the Iron Golems litteraly send you flying and they're just way to op when trying to kill it too. Launches you a couple of times in the air while pvping solo against a couple of players and on top of that you get slowness, blinded, weakness effects while getting outnumbed. I have not been pvping this season nor uploading videos on this server due to the fact that I feel that the amount of debuffs one can receive is way to much. There are days where a factions brings on like 10+ people for koth and then we've got like 2 people that actually try to pvp against them (not including myself). Imagine, being those two people and then all you recieve is debuffs, after debuffs, after debuffs. Half the time you cant even any of your targets due to the mountains of debuffs custom enchants.
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    And it’s mainly guards, wolves and zombies don’t really do anything and infestation are a bit annoying. People complained about guards first ce season but they just nerfed along with every other spawning ce even though they were fine. They should add a custom enchant that has a chance to remove a negative enchant upon getting hit. Guards should be removed and wolves level cap should be raised to like 2 or 3 since that is the most useless summoner enchant