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Discussion in 'Goodbyes' started by Jit, Dec 6, 2018.

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    I never thought I would be making this thread.

    I began on this server in 2013. I played OITC for 4 years, getting 1000+ wins, before deciding to try out some other games as well. I began to gain friends on this server, and became staff in 2016. Those 6 months as helper were amazing, and I made so many amazing friends. Unfortunately, I have lost touch with most, but they all know who they are. I will never forget what a HUGE impact this server made on me. As I prepare to go off to college, I have lost any and all potential time to play Minecraft. ANYONE who would like to talk for any reason can PM me. I thank this server for all the great times, I thank the administration for allowing me to be a staff member, as it made me feel extremely important. I thank my good friends, whom I will not tag: Smg, JWD, Joey, Soap, Jourdan, Kaylyn, Bashful, Katlyn, Sarah, Ben, Andy, Alice,,,
    And too many more.
    Just thinking of all the memories I have had with all these people makes me choke up. I hope to never forget anyone, and I hope someday we can chat again.
    I will occasionally be active on these forums, but likely never on the server.

    Thank you, J and H.
    Jit / Jack
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    damn bruv
    you were one of my oitc homies back in like 2016 lol
    never forget manski