Make OITC Unranked again

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by trevor9200, Jan 24, 2019.

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    So last month, OITC was made just ranked. Anytime you wanted to 1v1 someone, you had to do it through ranked. This is making some people(including myself) really mad. If they could just make it back to Unranked AND Ranked, it would make the game a lot more enjoyable knowing that it doesn't really matter if you lose or not.
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    The whole purpose of ranking is to make a minigame a challenge for everyone that wants to get to the Top. It's a way to make players stay in a match and use their skills and dedication to end up being 1st place in every match. In other words, ELO gives players a huge boost to not give up, if they want to strive for their goals and achieve them.

    Having a minigame with both a ranked and unranked section often results in a ton of players (and sometimes everyone) suddenly leaving an unranked OITC match that you or someone else would be in at that moment, which may annoy you, and in fact, quite a lot of other players as well. When that happens, you might want ask yourself two questions:

    Question 1: "Where is the challenge if everyone keeps leaving?''
    Question 2: ''If everyone keeps leaving, how am I supposed to get to the top and achieve my goals?'' (Obviously, players that leave matches would make this more difficult.)

    Besides that, having a ranked section only, basically forces everyone to play against the Top players as well, instead of avoiding them by only playing unranked matches. This gives the so-called ''noobs'' a chance to get better at the game, as they can learn certain skills and strategies from those Top players.

    Because of this, everyone's OITC stats will be way more accurate depending on their own skill level, instead of only playing unranked matches and having a 3+ K/D and a 0.85+ W/G for example, just because they never play against anyone else that may be above their skill level.

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    pretty much what aran said, there is/wasn't any prestige in playing OITC before. if you want to argue that it's just for fun, all games are so :shrug:

    nobody would have motivation to play because ranked isn't too popular with ranked, so that leaves people who genuinely want to try dried out because they don't have anything to gain (apart from stats).