it's been long overdue.

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    Hey, it's Rila.
    I don't think I've really made a farewell thread properly before, but this will most likely be my first and last thread.
    I'll keep the reason simple. This place isn't the same as it was 6 years ago and I should've just forgotten about this place, it would've been different if I never came back. A boring night's decision made me realize how I kind of.... missed this place? I'm not sure how to put it, but me coming back was definitely to relieve my memories (and to also play with a friend from the same state as me which happened to play on the server years ago, but we barely talk now.)
    I might come on the server from time to time to play Skyblock, but I'm not sure if I ever will get the time as I'm in university now. I still have my regrets from 2015, and it was a good lesson learnt. It made me realise slowly that my mental health wasn't in a good state, which my parents were in denial of until recently last year. I'm thankful for the people I've met, and somewhat glad they also made me realize how old I am. I don't need another reminder that I'm legal now and I hope they realize that threatening someone isn't okay at all after a certain remark, but they're right about one thing: I'm 18, and I'm an adult now. I should know better than wasting my time trying to relive my childhood hoping for a miracle to happen.

    --- mentions ! ---

    @TheMint I can't believe you're leaving in 14 days, and it feels like we've known each other forever even though we stopped talking for 2-3 years. It's funny how time can change everyone around you.
    @Magical Hope you're enjoying uni, come visit me in Adelaide one day if you get the chance. It's boring here and there's literally nothing here.
    @teitan Thanks for sticking around, Sera. We talk a lot on Messenger and Twitter anyway, and let's keep it that way until we have the chance to meet up with Brendan. It'll be a full circle when we do.
    @SellZy I hope you're enjoying life somewhere while still trying to find a CSGO team :P
    @Netherr Thanks for sticking around while I picked myself back up, and tolerating some of my shitposts on Steam.
    @Haruld Glad we kinda reconnected. Not much to say other than you're more mature now, to be honest, but you're a much better person and I could tell.
    @hubbo @Glass I know we haven't talked much, but I'm glad we did.
    And a huge thanks to the owners for giving me another chance and for giving me that short-term serotonin every day for 3 years, but this is it for me.

    I wish to be left alone after this thread, but if you really want to message me: here's my Steam.


    it's like you're mining diamonds and then you fall into the lava but it's just me never coming back
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    Made me cry.

    But honestly, you're one of the last people left from my time. To be real, I don't think we'll keep in touch because we're two completely different people and my online persona will soon be buried in history, but I would like to say that you're one of the most fun, friendly and honest people in this place and I'm glad I've known you all these years. :)
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    Just now saw this. I'm glad we also reconnected, please keep in touch!!
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