How to play multiplayer skyblock with my friends

Discussion in 'Minecraft' started by Astalavista, Jan 8, 2019.

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    I want to play skyblock with my friends but i dont know which code should i write please help me thx
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    If you mean you want to play Skyblock with your friends on this server, it's quite simple.

    Firstly, you and your friends must join the server (IP:

    Next, right click on the compass on your hotbar, and then click the grass block/select Skyblock in the GUI that pops up.

    Finally, do ./is to view all island commands/to start an island. Do ./is invite <name> to add your friends to your island

    If you meant you want to play Skyblock with your friends on a private/personal server or world, then you can use a realm. Every Minecraft account has a 30-Day Realm trial, so you can use that and play Skyblock with them that way. Or you could just host your own personal server and play with them. I recommend just playing on this server, since it's just easier and has plugins which make it more fun.