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    I am Ponyah but you can also call me Leon. I am 20 years old and play minecraft for 7 years now. I like nearly any aspect in MC but specially Parkour and Speedruns is what I love!

    Jerry and Harry:
    a few years ago I played much Minefighter on this server. Then I got enough and came ``back`` to get some good times on the diffrent parkour maps. In the Mega mode I got some top10 times (I think they arent anymore top10). Yesterday I saw that JaH released Pyramid (ye im late) and Ik this game from another little german server wich closed 2 years ago and I played it so much and really loved it! So I think I will be a bit more often on JaH now.^^

    Me in Minecraft:
    I play the most time on Hive DeathRun but you can find me on nearly any big server which got parkour games. I also play sometimes on Custom maps (mostly parkour maps) and build stuff in creative. A half year ago I made a big Parkour tournament with self made maps and around 32 Players who fight for the win. Sadly I had to stop the tournament due to privat stuff but maybe soon in the future I will finally do another big parkour tourney! (Hopefully, got nice feedback and met some intresting people from the parkour community).

    Me in RL:
    Im back to school after starting an education for a carer and now I want to study Psychology! I live in germany, Berlin and love to travel and see the world. I make many big tours with my bike like this summer I made a tour from Z├╝rich (Swiss) to Paris (France)! I met some players Ik from MC and its allways fun to meet people you play with much in RL!^^

    So thats me!
    Feel free to ask me stuff Im a open person!
    Also if I make huge mistakes please correct me I have to get better in english. ;D

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    We hope your experience is to your liking!
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    heyhey c:
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    Sorry I don't play anymore
    Welcome. Hope you like it here
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