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    Hai, and this is the few days old group called Faith.
    We have aleready comed so far as being ally with a plenty (or atleast.. 4? I guess?) of factions. We are a friendly, but raiding neighbours (Because we got alot of stuff) to store, to new members.
    We will eventually expand our territory and qonquer our neighbours.
    Remember, be nice to eachother. If you get bullied by someone in an ally faction, report to the owners, fiolobi and jang56 (or was it Jang56 or jang65... jang56.) and they will talk to that person, or speak to their owners about it.
    If you are being bullied by someone in OUR faction, tell it.
    You can also if it gets serious, report them to the forums.

    Now, join us and we will be big, and fight with your faith in your sword.

    Be nice to eachother, and do not say anything harsh, rude or say bad words.
    Do not abuse your powers.
    Do not take from other members chests. Ask them first.

    More rules to follow!
    So, what is the main format?

    1. Your age... What is it? :

    2. What are your main skills? :

    3. If you got any bought bonus kits, or another bonuses for Factions, please tell. :

    4. Why would you want to join this faction? :

    5. Boy or Girl? :

    6. One time or another we might aswell tell stories and jokes like nice people around a fireplace. Are you good at them? :

    7. Skype or naw? :

    8. Mic or naw? :

    PLEASE NOTE: The format may be edited, so stay alert.

    Our goal is to make factions fun, and with so, we need to qonquer more and get more power.

    Faith, it is sitting there in you. Waiting to burst out and help Factions be a better minigame.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.