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    The official ItsJerryAndHarry rules must be followed everywhere on the server, but there are some special rules that apply just to Factions.

    Breaking these rules may result in a ban, and potentially being disqualified from payouts.

    The whole point of Factions is to raid other Factions. Griefing other factions is allowed.

    Insiding is not allowed and will result in a ban. Insiding is the act of betraying your own Faction, for example:
    • Stealing spawners/items/blocks
    • Sabotaging faction claims or defenses
    • Purposely getting killed to make Faction overclaimable
    • Not bannable: Leaking info after leaving a Faction
    Splitting Faction for /f top
    Splitting up your Faction to get multiple prizes in /f top is not allowed and will result in both Factions being disqualified. Only 1 prize is allowed per Faction. Giving away money/items to a friend's Faction to help them win prizes is also not allowed.

    Bitch Claiming
    Claiming land with the sole purpose of disrupting another faction currently setting up their base is not allowed. Bitch claims reported during the grace period will be removed.

    Scamming is allowed, as long as it does not involve irl money. We provide ways to guarantee safe trading, for example using banknotes (/withdraw command) and /trade. Also, don't accept TP requests from players you do not trust.

    Cobble Monsters
    Creating cobblestone mountains outside of own territory will result in temporary ban

    Blocking spawners
    Spawners may not be covered in water/lava. Spawners should automatically remove liquids in a 1 block radius.

    Schematica Printer
    Using the Printer feature from the Schematica mod is allowed on Factions.
    Exception: Patching builds during a raid using Printer is forbidden.

    If you are found to be using unlawful methods to grind MCMMO skills (macro/autoclicker/hack/whatever) your MCMMO stats will be wiped.

    Autoclickers or Macros are not allowed on any server. Using sell wands on chests with held down keys that function similar to an autoclicker will be permitted ONLY if they do not interact with Living Entities, improve your MCMMO skills, or otherwise give you an unfair advantage.

    Payout DQ's
    If your faction leader/officers are banned for hacking or other severe reasons, the faction may be disqualified from payout.
    If your faction is found to have multiple hackers within it, it may be disqualified from payout.
    Remaining balances on previously received gift cards may be voided if the Faction is disqualified.
    First disqualification: One week
    Second disqualification: Whole season

    500 connected claimed chunks limit
    You are not allowed to use alternate or friendly factions to extend beyond max claim. Doing so will result in the extra claims be forcefully unclaimed. Repeat offenders may be DQ'd from payouts.

    GenBucket patching during raid
    It is not allowed to patch walls using GenBucket while being raided.
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