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    Hi all.

    This thread is gonna be about how I've been unsure about myself, and I'd like to adress it with you guys. I hope this'll also help people with the same problem as I was having.

    So, this all started with me not doing my homework. Yeah that's right, not doing my homework. Anyways, last year has just been an absolute trainwreck. I was so unsure about myself, that I just made up lies that would backfire me. I know one person, who still knows of this, and often still recalls it. I don't want this person to type it in the replies, because I know it was very stupid and I hope nobody else does this ever again. I had a very good friendship between a couple of people. We'd often tell each other how it is in our completely different cultures, and it was a fun time. Then it came, and oh boy it came in hard. Drama. Drama is a word that has multiple causes, but it always has the same consequences/outcomes. We fell apart, we fought each other, we backstabbed each other. It was a bad time. Now realize that I've just been going on about my internet life. Because at the time I didn't even give the slightest about school. If my parents told me if I had any homework I would just say that I'd do it tomorrow, or that I already had it all done. People, don't do this, please. It resulted in me having to do all my work in just one night.

    Now you may be asking yourself, what's the point of this thread?
    The point of this thread is to tell people that you don't want to waste all of your life on just one server. Yes, I absolutely love this server, but that doesn't mean I have to give everything of me.

    Thanks for listening.
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    Absolutely correct. Thanks for the message :)
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    You're absolutely right. I've had periods where I was slacking off at school myself, because I was hanging out too much online. Honestly, I don't blame myself or anyone else for doing so. Most of us come better at ease on the internet, due to real life struggles or you find it easier to make friends over the internet.

    But we all got to keep in mind that school is important, it's your future basically. Spending a few hours less online wouldn't hurt, even if homework sucks. :)
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    Good message. True. :)
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