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    Hi, I know I'm probably irrelevant at this point but I felt like putting this here bc this certain artist deserves so much more recognition.

    So idk if any of you watch The Voice, but if you do you might remember this guy

    Noah Mac, 18 y/o from Cali. He came in fifth (I think?) on The Voice and was totally and completely robbed. I mean his voice is amazing, + his style is really unique. Nothing like the mainstream artists on the radio today. Now I'm gonna bless you guys with some of his performances and own music

    Chloe Kohanski is also rlly talented and actually won the season check her out too < 333

    Light, Warmth, Rain our Love, and Flowerz are all so good

    This song makes me nut
    I couldn't include more than 5 pieces of media so be sure to also check out his recent single 'The Soliloquy" !!!!

    He's releasing another song tomorrow and I'm excited as hell for it. Please please listen bc I think a lot of you will like it. Have a good day < 333
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