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Discussion in 'Real life stuff' started by rings, Dec 14, 2018.

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    Back in like 2016/2017 I remember I would never tell anyone I was playing Minecraft because it was embarrassing but now I tell everyone that I used to play it and I play it still, truth be told, Minecraft is so much more than a child’s game.

    It’s taught me so much and I’ve learned so much from people from it and Minecraft as a game is just brilliant. Wish it got the love and support Fortnite is getting lol.

    I think Minecraft failed after 1.9, we all know it, Hypixel was honestly carrying Minecraft and then Hypixel got boring. Then again I haven’t played in a while so maybe over 2000 hours (as in I am online and playing hours) of playing the same game just gets boring.

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    I used this place to escape real life problems, but it made them more difficult. Good thing I realised this and slowed down my use of multiplayer games and online forums. At least in the process I learnt some things about the world and myself - very important growing up.
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    I've most likely put in close to 3,000 hours into Minecraft, maybe more in a span of 7 years. While I haven't seriously played it in about 4 years, I do occasionally come back to play on servers hosted by my mates. This usually lasts for no longer than a month but honestly, when people ask me what games I play, I only list Minecraft if I play with mates for the lols. Other than that, it's a game I used to be absolutely hooked on.