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    No idea how you got that from what I said. I said it can bring a new audience, didn't say anything about reviving the server or morphing it. Don't think it needs to be clarified that I didn't mean a large audience, but for you, I am.

    Because you counted like 3 people and acted like these are the only people who will complete the maps. That was literally the core of your argument, and it makes no sense because I'm sure there's more people than them who will play the maps and complete them.

    There's nothing bad with having options for beginners, for intermediates (majority, per se), or professionals. You don't lose anything from having options for more people. You only achieve more happy players.

    There's actual good counter arguments in this thread yet your points are flooding it. I'm not even for this idea because I don't see it working out. I'm not
    gonna continue trying to explain because you're not really trying to understand what people are trying to say to you (slightly infuriating ngl lol).

    Last post from me here.

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    Here's the thing: anything harder than impossible isn't fun for anyone on the server, regardless of their skill level. we have to think of our target audience here: higher level players here would rather speedrun maps than to try harder maps, and there are very few exceptions for that. there are a lot of servers that are based around harder parkour jumps and challenging maps, and I don't think J&H should be one of them. they would just be empty maps (noone playing on it)

    if you look for instance, a map like haunted house, the top 10 is very unoptimized due to the factor of length and difficulty of the map. noone really likes playing this map, like yeah you play it once thats cool but very few people will find much replayability in difficult parkour maps. that replayability factor is, in my opinion, what makes this server so fun to play on, and why it is one of the biggest names in the parkour speedrunning community. maps with piston jumps are the kind of maps you play once and never play again because they're too complicated and frustrating to speedrun.

    furthermore, the current "hard" setting is too easy for these kinds of maps. piston jumps, double+ neos and such jumps are very inconsistent and are practically impossible to speedrun by 99% of players. adding a very advanced map would ruin the current atmosphere of the parkour server and it will probably not be played by anyone, making it, in my opinion, a waste of space. the factor of length and difficulty has to be considered when making a map on this server. consistency in the difficulty is very important, you can't have a jump in the middle of the map that is harder to do than the rest. I feel like these kinds of maps would have this kind of atmosphere that is not really enjoyable for anyone on the server.

    as for the suggestion, I personally disagree. this would just overcomplicate parkour maps and make them just overall way less enjoyable than they currently are. piston jumps are inconsistent and they rely on multiple factors like ping and just straight up rng.

    I don't support this suggestion.
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