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Discussion in 'Help' started by SparkleKitty_xDD, Dec 8, 2014.

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    Hello Jerry And Harry.
    My name is SparkleKitty_xDD
    I wanted to talk about a person named G3P6S0 saying in Faction Survival that I sent him a message that I was going to "wreck my friend's base" This happened yesterday. My friend Katsnap thinks I'm lying & thinks I actually sent G3P6S0 the message when i didn't. I would like you to please send me a photo if I actually did send the message to G3pS0. If there is no message of me saying "I'm going to wreck the base" please also send me a photo. Thank you & have a nice day! Also btw, My IGN is SparkleKitty_xDD
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    I know you're probably gonna be like "wtf I don't need your comment" since you only addressed Jerry and Harry, but...
    I could be entirely wrong, but it would take forever to search through the server's long/large chatlogs just to find the one phrase you specified. I'm not saying they won't do it, however there is a high chance you will not be supplied with the screenshot.
    Jerry and Harry are tremendously busy with both the server and life in general, meaning they (probably) have much more important things to complete, and I don't blame them :)
    Your best bet is to make sure your friend realizes that they're believing someone's words off the internet, which could be completely untrue. If your friend doesn't believe you, then I suppose just ask for a second chance to prove to them that you aren't a griefer.
    Sorry about this situation though. .n.

    ^ once again, I could be 100% wrong. Sorry if this didn't help you :p
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