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Jan 3, 2000 (Age: 17)


no, Female, 17, from Australia


http://www.strawpoll.me/12077400 hey look guys I was nominated ;u; Jan 11, 2017 at 12:14 AM

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    1. KaiserVenom
    2. Unprepossessing
    3. Mcc457
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      2. Unprepossessing
        Jan 10, 2017 at 3:18 AM
    4. Zackery
      Happy late birthday :o
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    5. Rei
      Only people like don't greet the turtle a happy birthday late, instead we greeted them earlier. So early, that we become better time travelers than Australians.
      Or in other words,

      MAPPY IS 17
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    6. Sirius
      I never realized it but, we both had our ups and downs in the past, up until now. We were both Mods and resigned when life was treating us the worst. I never actually realized how much we have in common.
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    7. Deemo
      Happy late birthday?
      I wish you the best of luck in uh..
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    8. Lapsy
      Happy birthday!
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    9. antibullyranger
      don't bully!!
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      2. Unprepossessing
        I won't
        Jan 4, 2017
    10. QueenAngel32
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      2. Unprepossessing
        <3 thank you xx
        Jan 4, 2017
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    11. therunandgo
      hApPY bietrthday! 17 YaRs OlD ecks dee!!!! xD
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    12. hmj
      happ birth
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    13. Snakehammer19
      Happy Birthday Anime ^-^
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    14. Craeon
      Happy Birthday to you and my sister aha
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    15. SellZy
      ayy happy birthday
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    16. Smg
      Happy birthday :)
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    17. AmerixanPsycho
      Happy birthday!
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    18. Unprepossessing
    19. Safoya299
      Even though there's a whole day until for me, happy birthday Mappy!
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    20. Katlyn
      Happy birthday !
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    Jan 3, 2000 (Age: 17)
    Unprepossessing (MappyTurtle)
    Heyo. Welcome to my info page.
    I'm MappyTurtle/Unprepossessing.
    I generally go by Unprepossessing now because it's a nicer name but I don't mind which one you call me.

    I'm 16, turning 17 on the 3rd of January 2017. 2 days .3.

    I'm from Eastern Melbourne, Australia.
    And I've just started Year 12 - Our final year here in Australia.
    Our next term starts end of January though, so our summer holiday is what you guys would consider winter holiday? Idk, but we generally call it the Christmas Holidays even though it encompasses all of January as well.

    I'm currently [Herobrine] rank on the server, but during the times 11th April 2015 - 2nd January 2016 & 3rd January - 17th August 2016, I was a [Helper] and [Moderator] rank respectively.
    I resigned to focus more on life, which especially helped two weeks later.
    For those who do not know, my mammu (mum, mammu was my nickname for her) passed away 5/09/16. She was aged just 35 years, 1 month, and about 20 days. She left behind a 16 year old daughter and a 13 year old son.
    Here is a thread explaining pretty much what happened.

    Her death has sparked a lot of stuff for me.
    Confidence was a huge problem for me, and I have been working on it, such as catching public transport, and whatnot.
    I've been aiming to lose weight as weight was most likely a humongous factor in my mum's death. 8kg 11kg and going strong ayy boiiiiis

    Life isn't going to be easy, but I'm going to get through it, for mammu <3
    Music <: (all below is real music, I'm letting my info page take a break from Vocaloid lmao)
    Never made it up to Minnesota
    North Dakota man
    Wasn't gunnin' for the quota
    Down in the Badlands she was saving the best for last
    It only hurts when I laugh

    Standing in line to
    See the show tonight
    And there's a light on
    Heavy glow
    By the way I tried to say
    I'd be there waiting for
    Dani the girl
    Is singing songs to me
    Beneath the marquee
    Of her soul
    By the way I tried to say I know you
    From before

    Under the bridge downtown
    Is where I drew some blood
    Under the bridge downtown
    I could not get enough
    Under the bridge downtown
    Forgot about my love
    Under the bridge downtown
    I gave my life away

    But somehow I found my baby that night
    I lifted her head, she looked at me and said
    "Hold me darling just a little while."
    I held her close, I kissed her our last kiss
    I found the love that I knew I would miss
    But now she's gone, even though I hold her tight
    I lost my love, my life that night.
    *"It's not a TV studio, Josh, turn these lights out. It's a fucking rock concert"*
    Even flow, thoughts arrive like butterflies
    Oh, he don't know, so he chases them away
    Someday yet, he'll begin his life again, yeah
    Oh, whispering hands, gently lead him away
    Son, she said, have I got a little story for you
    What you thought was your daddy was nothin' but a...
    While you were sittin' home alone at age thirteen
    Your real daddy was dyin', sorry you didn't see him, but I'm glad we talked...
    I thought that I heard you laughing
    I thought that I heard you sing
    I think I thought I saw you try
    But that was just a dream
    I wish I was special,
    You're so fucking special.
    But I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo,
    What the hell am I doing here?
    I don't belong here.
    I'm the voice inside your head
    You refuse to hear
    I'm the face that you have to face
    Mirrored in your stare
    I'm what's left, I'm what's right
    I'm the enemy
    I'm the hand that will take you down
    Bring you to your knees
    I'm looking to the sky to save me
    Looking for a sign of life
    Looking for something to help me burn out bright
    I'm looking for a complication
    Looking 'cause I'm tired of trying
    Make my way back home when I learn to fly high
    [This one is funny because Dave Grohl plays a lot of characters in this, like in the gif above]
    Maybe the season
    The colours change in the valley skies
    Oh, God I've sealed my fate
    Running through hell, heaven can wait

    Long road to ruin there in your eyes
    Under the cold streetlights
    No tomorrow, no dead ends

    You are not me, Arlandria, Arlandria.
    You and what army, Arlandria, Arlandria?
    Oh, God you gotta make it stop.

    Chase all of those memories away,
    Save them all for another day.
    Don't you remember it was rain that drowned you.

    Windmill, windmill for the land
    Turn forever hand in hand
    Take it all in on your stride
    It is sticking, falling down
    Love forever, love is free
    Let's turn forever, you and me
    Windmill, windmill for the land
    Is everybody in?
    Say a prayer for the family
    Drop a coin for humanity
    Ain't this uniform so flattering?
    I never asked you a god damn thing

    A fire burns today
    Of blasphemy and genocide
    The sirens of decay
    Will infiltrate the faith fanatics
    Sugar and spice and everything nice wasn't made for only girls
    GI Joe in panty hose is making room for the one and only

    King for a day, princess by dawn
    King for a day in a leather thong
    King for a day, princess by dawn
    Just wait 'til all the guys get a load of me
    Cause my love baby is the truest you've ever had.
    I'm a soldier of love that's hard to beat.
    Lay down your arms and surrender to me.
    Lay down your arms and love me peacefully. Yea.
    Use your arms to hold me tight.
    Baby I don't wanna fight no more.
    Waitin', watchin' the clock, it's four o'clock, it's got to stop
    Tell him, take no more, she practices her speech
    As he opens the door, she rolls over...
    Pretends to sleep as he looks her over

    She lies and says she's in love with him, can't find a better man...
    She dreams in color, she dreams in red, can't find a better man...
    Can't find a better man
    Can't find a better man
    Arms raised in a V
    And the dead lay in pools of maroon below

    Daddy didn't give attention
    Oh, to the fact that mommy didn't care
    King Jeremy The Wicked
    Ruled his world

    Jeremy spoke in class today
    Jeremy spoke in class today

    This a video containing a sensitive issue, especially to American viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.