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Wanting to quit school


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it is I, the frenchiest fry May 24, 2017 at 1:57 AM

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    2. Kaiiven
      Hmm, I remember when you said "I will never get staff" XD
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      Congrats on helper! Welcome to the staff team.
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      Congrats c:
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    7. Praetor
      Congrats, Crystal! I knew you could do it :)
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    8. Xeon
      Congrats, your the second person today to get helper!
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    9. Netherr
      Congrats on Helper!
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      Congrats =)
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    17. Squid
      ^ ^
    18. Squid
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        Feb 5, 2017
    19. Cheeziness
      The more you know amirite
    20. HoldingOnToYou
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        Jan 21, 2017
      2. Cheeziness
        I get that a lot. Its okay lmao
        Jan 22, 2017
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    Wanting to quit school
    Woah, hello there fellow person! I am known as Crystal or my in-game-name Cheeziness! If you're here right now, you must want to know some facts about me and/or my hobbies. Well, good news for you, here is my essay of those things you are looking for! Enjoy~
    ➤About Me- I am 13 years old (turning 14 in July) and I have been on this server for almost 2 years, on my own account. I am in a relationship with my bae Cheezi (started dating 11/16/15), one of my best friends is Carmen (who is known as Squid on the forums and Squidception on Minecraft), you can find me on SkyWars, Survival, Hub, and sometimes Creative 1, I am a [Helper] and my goal as a staff member is to just try my best and attempt to be myself, obviously I am not the most popular staff member on here but that's fine (I don't mind really because I'm used to not being the spotlight), when it comes to roleplays on this server I do sometimes want to join but it has to be private and only with a certain person (Sodapopped owo), I procrastinate on almost everything, using me for dares is MY advantage because people are forced to compliment me and (someone actually dared another person to) HUG me, and, yes, I am a furry, purchasing a suit for my birthday!
    ➤Promotions- [Helper]~ 2/15/17 [probably going to stay like that]
    ➤Likes- Furries/fursuits, drawing, progressive rock (Neal Morse, Haken, etc), maybe some vaporwave music, Filthy Frank/Pink Guy, iDubbbz, MaxMoeFoe, HowToBasic, animating, being respected and loved, hanging out with friends, the LGBT+ community, Spooky's House Of Jumpscares (especially specimen 12 which is my waifu), that pumpkin from Peggle (or just Peggle in general), calling my friends names, slapping people in the face with logic, dragons, edgy stuff, dark humor, sloths, cats, sleeping, helping people, arguing with stupid people, pointing out/fixing grammar or spelling mistakes, getting revenge on idiots, Police officers, swimming, background noises, and food.
    ➤Dislikes- Annoying people/assholes, people telling me to "change"(you know who you are), losing an argument, hypocrites, SCHOOL, make-up DIYs, getting sick, FAKE PEOPLE, people stealing MY spotlight (you know who you are), getting ditched/ignored, fake fans, too much attention, "Cash me ousside how bout dat", expensive fursuits, homework, guilt traps, fat jokes (about me or my friends), try-hards, the saying "gg", winter, when someone thinks I have a crush on another person because I'm nice to them, feminists, when my cats run away from me, being used, when my mom runs into a friend at the store, yelling, popular kids, cute clothes that don't fit me, amazing and nice staff members resigning (cough ELECTRIC cough), old people I have never seen before saying how they remember me when I was "THIIS BIG", and losing friends or prized items.
    ➤Dreams/hopes- Becoming a drummer, losing weight, being happy, getting a fursuit, becoming rich, move out of NY, Neal Morse following my Instagram, becoming a possible YouTuber, stop being shy around adults, telling people my feelings and beginning to trust again, my social studies teacher taking a selfie with me, and to meet all the popufurs!
    ➤Nightmares- Favorite bands splitting up, someone ditching me for another person, being alone, fursuits that aren't in stock, going to jail, losing people I love and cherish, letting people down, and accidentally ripping up a really good drawing.
    ➤Extra Info- I got detention once for sending an email to my friend Joon that said "I have to pour water in her book, it bought cat food" but I didn't go, and I am pretty unique when it comes to my imagination and my thoughts, I always get in trouble at school for wearing my favorite sweater because 'it's not uniform', and I almost NEVER open up to people, I love to argue with people that think they're better than me (mostly real life people) and I always win.
    ➤Future Events- [Big Events are in bold] new character/oc (Deathless will never be replaced but she does need a buddy), sometime in June I am going to see this German rock band live, My 14th birthday (July 15th), AUGUST 22nd THE NEAL MORSE BAND LIVE!!! (3rd show, 2nd time seeing the album and meeting him), possible Minecraft name change, FURSUIT PURCHASE!, possible weight loss, HAKEN LIVE SEPTEMBER 2nd! (2nd time seeing them live, first time meeting them. UPDATE: FIRST TIME GOING TO THEIR SOUNDCHECK AND HANGING OUT WITH THEM!!)
    Completed Goals- This is probably the most useless category I have on here but what the hell. I have completed my goals of becoming [Helper], realizing I am not normal/trying to fit in is not worth it, (nearly two years ago) dating my crush, getting out of the FNaF fandom, and making friends!
    ➤Deathless Info- You're more than welcome to skip this, I just want to share some fursona info to the people who where wondering. My fursona is Deathless, who is a blue and white wolf. She means a lot to me and was named after a Haken song from Visions (which is Deathless). She has the same likes as me (fursonas are supposed to be an alternate version of you mostly) and she is a very hidden being. Sometimes, when she's angry or upset, she tends to leak a black goo substance from her mouth and eyes (sometimes nose) and mostly gets mad when people mess with her best friend. She can be very protective when it comes to her best friend and/or her partner. She is more human-like, but still loves chasing things and the wind. She has plantigrade legs and she will be a partial suit soon! I don't want to get deep in her whole back story or I will be here typing this all day.
    ➤Other OC/Fursona Info- [COMING SOON]
    ♫Favorite Songs/Albums♫-

    Haken- Visions, Aquarius, Affinity, The Mountain
    Neal Morse- The Similitude of a Dream, Testimony 2, Grand Experiment, Songs from November, Momentum, Starless, Question Mark, One, Sola Scriptura
    Transatlantic- Kaleidoscope, Bridge Across Forever, All of the Above, The Whirlwind,
    Spock's Beard- The Light, V, Snow
    Flying Colors- [First Album], Second Nature
    Yes- Fragile
    Highly recommend all of these songs if you're into Prog Rock! <3

    Best Drawings-
    ➤Commissions -✘ [CLOSED]✘
    ➤Favorite Quotes! [May Change]-
    ◈"u r c ng my p p"/ "Life is like a burrito, you just gotta take steps."/ "How can I get on your nerves if they're in your body??" -Dan/PinkSeason 2k17
    ◈"I'm 5 Hours Online in the TeamSpeak" -[will remain anonymous] 2k17
    ◈"Trying to be normal should be equivalent to sinning. Fitting into society is a game not worth winning." -Brandon Rodgers 2k13
    ◈"You are not a man, you're a penis!" Billy/billycariello 2k17
    ◈"You lost to ME, you really do suck!" Myself 2k17
    ◈"Always be yourself, unless you're a crappy person" Nicholas Megalis [Year Unknown]

    Thanks for Reading!