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Feb 3, 2004 (Age: 12)
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Northern Ireland
<Insert Caption... Well more like your opinion.>


Place where we like Will Grigg {Nook Member}, Male, 12, from Northern Ireland


I work for the Lid Bable Jan 15, 2017 at 9:00 PM

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    1. BasicChristmasNameJaune
    2. Mats
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      2. Mats
        Sunderland are gonna win the prem with penalties!
        Jan 6, 2017
      3. BasicChristmasNameJaune
        2014 - Penaltypool
        2017 - Penaltyland
        Jan 6, 2017
      4. Mats
        At least Chelsea lost...
        Jan 6, 2017
    3. BasicChristmasNameJaune
      Back from Liverpool, what a match and a win. Now I'm stuck with this name for a few weeks.
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      2. Rosa
        There's a Liverpool in Canada. Were you there?
        Jan 11, 2017
    4. BasicChristmasNameJaune
      Won't be on forums for 3-4 days starting tomorrow, visiting family in England
    5. BasicChristmasNameJaune
      Thank you so much for everything Carrie Fisher, trying hard to fight back tears right now, may the force be with you, always.
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    6. BasicChristmasNameJaune
      Carrie Fisher, Princess Leia's actor Star Wars films suffered a heart attack and is in critical condition. Hoping for a miracle.
      1. therunandgo
        yes I've heard. Prayers go out to her.
        Dec 24, 2016
    7. Mats
      Om mignolet om
      1. BasicChristmasNameJaune
        Dec 22, 2016
      2. Mats
        I'm no sheep so I don't follow overused memes. Just thought it was funny to show that Mignolet is only 3 letters away from telolet
        Dec 22, 2016
    8. Smg
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      2. BasicChristmasNameJaune
        I wanna fit in ;-;
        Dec 21, 2016
    9. BasicChristmasNameJaune
      WTF have I done....
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    10. BasicChristmasNameJaune
      How to hype @RednosePhoenix: Ajax, Van Basten, Cruyff, Robben, De boer, Bergkamp.
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      2. Phoenix
        Dec 18, 2016
      3. Phoenix
        rip cruyff tho ;c
        Dec 18, 2016
      4. BasicChristmasNameJaune
        ikr, definitely one of the all time greatest, greatest defender of all time in my opinion.
        Dec 18, 2016
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    11. Mats
      1. BasicChristmasNameJaune
        Dec 17, 2016
      2. Mats
        "Welcome to the bench. Enjoy your stay"
        "Fuck off Alberto"
        Dec 18, 2016
    12. Hanzo
      spam more on ur profile bb i like more den
    13. BasicChristmasNameJaune
      This'll be me signing off for a while, stay tuned folks, the Joey show returns February 3rd 2017.
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    14. BasicChristmasNameJaune
      You give me magical, I gave you wonderful, let's make this biblical, and hang from our invisible chords.
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    15. BasicChristmasNameJaune
      I'm trying the best I can, but there's a white flag burning in the middle of my hand.
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    16. BasicChristmasNameJaune
      When the body ends, do we decay or rise again? Do we surround ourselves, with simple common sense, or do we hold on to consciousness?
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    17. BasicChristmasNameJaune
      Come on baby do you, think it's good to feel, like I'm lying here, swimming in memories.
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      2. Blake_
        Next status will be happier than my search history.
        Nov 24, 2016
    18. BasicChristmasNameJaune
      420 Messages my dudes.
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    19. Blake_
      Our memez r ravioli coolioly
      1. BasicChristmasNameJaune
        Nov 23, 2016
    20. Mats
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      2. BasicChristmasNameJaune
        RIP Middlesbrough.
        Nov 20, 2016
      3. Mats
        Let's hope for a draw (Currently 0-0 20th minute)
        Nov 20, 2016
      4. Mats
        Yes, Chelsea won 0-1, exactly what I wanted
        Nov 20, 2016
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    Feb 3, 2004 (Age: 12)
    Home Page:
    Northern Ireland
    <Insert Caption... Well more like your opinion.>
    Well, you've made a terrible mistake reading this, but anyway, take a good look.

    Anyway guys, I've quit for a while, maybe won't come back, I'll be on the forums, but well, meh, it's been a good run.


    Likes I guess:

    Liverpool FC
    Aquarius Gang
    Raving to German music.
    Dabbing to avoid cosplaying stormtroopers.
    Sliding into Info Pages.
    Uhm.... Bratwurst!
    Amusement rides.

    Favourite amusement rides:
    KMG Freakout.
    Top Buzz.
    Ultra Buzz.
    Jump n' Smile.
    Matterhorn (I passed out on one, there are 2 g's of force on the ones in Ireland.)
    The experience.
    The extreme. (The one I fear the most, I love this ride, especially the speed.)
    Gravity walls.
    Of course... Dodgems/Bumper Cars.

    Music/Favourite Albums:
    Undertones - Anthology
    30 Seconds to Mars - This is War
    MCR - Welcome to the Black Parade.
    The Script - No sound without silence.
    Biffy Clyro - Opposites
    Biffy Clyro - Ellipsis
    Biffy Clyro - Puzzle
    Biffy Clyro - Only Revolutions

    Places I've been to:
    Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland.: The only fully walled city in Europe
    Dortmund, Germany: For Borussia Dortmund, at the Westfallen stadium.
    Paris, France: Disneyland in 2015 and stadium tour of the Parc Des Princes.
    Aberystwyth: Following the RAWA across the UK for Europa League.
    Sharm El Sheikh: Holiday in 2015 with the family.
    Glasgow: Visiting Relatives.
    Newcastle: School Trip
    Manchester: Relatives.

    Football Stadiums I've been to:
    Anfield (Liverpool)
    The Brandywell (Derry City FC)
    Showgrounds (Sligo Rovers)
    Park Avenue (Aberystwyth Town)
    Croke Park (Used for Gaelic, but I've been there for concerts.)
    Aviva Stadium (Republic of Ireland national team stadium. But I went there for FAI cup final)
    Westfallen Stadium/Signal Iduna Park. (Borussia Dortmund)
    Celtic Park (Celtic)
    Ibrox. (Rangers)
    Windsor Park. (Northern Ireland national team)
    Tallaght Stadium (Shamrock Rovers)
    Oriel Park (Dundalk United)
    Finn Park (Finn Harps)
    St. James Park (Newcastle United)
    Etihad Stadium (Manchester City)
    Santiago Bernabeau (Real Madrid)
    Nou Camp (Barcelona.)
    Gresty Road (Crewe Alexandra)

    Well, that's all folks.

    Some special friends:
    Dude, we go waaaaay back, idk, almost a year now, and damn have we had a hell of a ride, from an overly and cringeworthy "bromance" ship, to making up the landos, a semi-professional UHC team.
    Dude, you are one of the dankest guys I've met.
    also niqqu when r we dropping The world cup 2018 anthem "Kick that shit (Cyka Blyat)"?

    We've only really established a real good friendship in the past few months, but damn it's been a fun time. You being a latin Penguin and me being a self-proclaimed "duk", it's been funny skyping and making shitty jokes.
    We met through the failure that was UHC, and how you would beat me time in time out, and we slowly developed a friendship, through teaming and of course, you helping me to improve before adding me in to "Team Heroic" with Elec, Diffy etc. It's been some fun times creating memories with you, and I hope to continue some of the fun during Skywars.

    Man, also with Rollz, we've been talking f0r some time, you're one of the smartest, integrative and chilled out guys I've ever met. You've been a factor to make me into the person I am today, and you've never been shy to voice your opinion and help me out. The forums really do deserve people like you, stay strong SmgStar.

    And now, random skype quotes with Duk.
    [11:36:26 AM] Wez ≧_≦ ᕙ(`▽´)ᕗ: Ever heard of fucking sarcasam
    [11:36:37 AM] JauneyBoi: Ever heard of CORRECT SPELLING?

    [11:59:29 AM] JauneyBoi: Woah
    [11:59:33 AM] JauneyBoi: I thought it was the end.
    [11:59:37 AM] JauneyBoi: FUCK IT
    [11:59:40 AM] JauneyBoi: ERROR CODE 404
    [11:59:58 AM] JauneyBoi: Wez_Actually_Not_Being_Triggered.exe not found
    victim card intensifies
    [11:54:51 AM] JauneyBoi: Wez.
    [11:55:03 AM] JauneyBoi: I don't think you could write an application on your phone.

    [11:55:06 AM] JauneyBoi: But
    [11:55:13 AM] JauneyBoi: I see you've boiled now so.
    [11:55:18 AM] JauneyBoi: I'll check you out of this payment
    [11:55:19 AM] JauneyBoi:
    [8:04:02 PM] Phoenix: Lol imma take a shower
    [8:04:13 PM] JauneyBoi: too much information
    [8:04:18 PM] JauneyBoi: and my questionable mind
    [8:04:20 PM] Phoenix: lol
    [8:04:21 PM] JauneyBoi: but ooookay.
    [8:04:25 PM] Phoenix: xDD
    [8:04:38 PM] Phoenix: ''Oh i'll brb not gonna tell you the reason''
    [8:04:40 PM] Phoenix: xD
    [8:04:50 PM] JauneyBoi: Oh
    [8:04:51 PM] JauneyBoi: okay
    [8:04:55 PM] JauneyBoi: I had to take a shit.
    [8:05:06 PM] Phoenix: Gotcha
    [8:05:11 PM] JauneyBoi: Fuck it
    [8:05:16 PM] JauneyBoi: going on my info page.
    Misheard Quotes:
    "no lol I'm 14 and indian my mom would bend me over grow a dick and fuck me." - Rollz 2k16
    [4:47:10 PM] Rubes: overwatch porn I suppose
    [4:47:12 PM] Egg Roll: continue

    "I wanna shag you very much." - Alicia 2k16
    "town of salmon." - everyone.
    "I am the king of doodle wrangling!" - nocturn.
    "Oh he's in to sucking." - @n00bhouse 2k16
    "I want to eat a butterfly." - @Phoenix 2k16
    "I want to eat you." - Wez 2k16

    Well, all I gotta say now is:

    Take part in the Clipper Round the World race.
    Take my skills on piano to the maximum.
    Re-take guitar in a year or two.
    Find the ability to sing while playing an instrument. (I find it hard to concentrate.)
    Improve my writing skills.
    Become a staff member, and inspire others.
    Change the world somehow.
    Stay in school, and go all the way to university.
    Improve my social skills and relationships.
    To show the world, that I may be socially awkward and unaccepted, but I'm strong, and independent, and that I express my anger, fear, sadness into writing.

    Comment "Wut" if you read this.

    I'll be honest, my English grades have all been A-A*s in my time at secondary school so far, 2 years in, and I feel it's because of my parent's jobs. Now I know you're thinking, what are they? My dad's job doesn't matter when it comes to English, but my Mother is an author, and I feel pushed, they tell me to see no pressure, but don't know my real stress. Meanwhile, this community, and close friends, have told me that I can do anything, and even if they hurt me, I'll always credit them for who they are, and they deserve a mention.
    @Phoenix most notably when it comes to writing, you've done a shit ton when it comes to encouraging me, and I've never really thanked you for that, but cheers. (Pssst... SAO story fangirl.) I regret nothing.

    A few others:

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] <- Best Gig of my life.

    Cup final record:
    Derry City cup finals:
    Vs Cork 2011- Attended it - Cork - We won 1-0.
    Vs Crusaders 2012 - Attended it - Belfast -We lost on penalties
    Vs St. Pats 2012 - Attended it - Dublin - We won 3-2
    Vs St. Pats 2014 - Attended it - Dublin - Lost 2-0.

    Vs Cardiff - 2012 - London - Attended it - Won on penalties
    Vs. Man City - 2016 - London- attended it. - Lost on penalties.